Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The SPITWAD Chronicles - Pull the string!

It bothers me to see an actor, know who he is, but have no idea why I know that. This is what has led, in part, to the SPITWAD phenomenon. Martin Landau is only 81, old enough to have a special term (octogenarian) specifically for people of his decades, but not medically phenomenal. However, as I look back at his impressive list of work, I can't say I've seen two of his collected works in their entirety. And yes, I will confess now to having never seen North by Northwest in its entirety. It will be rectified at my earliest convenience. Please accept this, my apology, dear reader.

Somehow, though, I got it in my head that Marty was no more. He had ceased to be. Shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible. But I was wrong. In fact, he's still working actively, something many younger actors cannot claim. On the opposite end of this is Walter Matthau, whose name and visage pops into my head when I hear 'Martin Landau', some sort of social disconnect. Walter Matthau, whom I truly thought was still making contrived Neil Simon-inspired films with Jack Lemmon within the past few years, like The Odd Couple III in 3D and Grumpiest Old Men. Somehow I missed the memo, or just haven't realized the rapid passage of time, since Mr. Matthau kicked the bucket, snuffed it, became the ex-Mr. Matthau way back in 2000.
Leaving, of course, Jack Lemmon. As it turns out, also also dead, since 2001. Where has the decade gone?


MJenks said...

Martin Landau is simply pining for the fjords.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

I've never, ever liked Martin Landau. Something about his mouth gives me the creeps. Weird, I know. But I love Walter Mathau.

Samsmama said...

Ok, so when I read "Martin Landau" I pictured "Walter Matthau." Imagine my confusion when I got to the next paragraph. Jack Lemmon is dead? Huh. Abe Vigoda, alive and kicking. Betty White, going to host SNL. Corey Haim, ugh...

Elliott said...

Mjenks, who among us isn't?

Sarah, I've never really formed an opinion on Landau, beyond the style of roof.

Smama - I'm glad it's not just me, then. And Corey can go on the list of celebs I've actually outlived, along with River Phoenix and Lindsay Lohan.

Yep, I said it.

dogimo said...

Yep, me too on the Landau / Matthau conflation. I also used to have the same problem with problem with Anais Nin and Ayn Rand.

I just thought she was a really complex woman.

Nej said...

No North by Northwest??

(forgive me, I'm a Cary Grant uber fan...and I just had to say something!)

This will tell you how busy I've been lately, Samsmama mentioned Haim, and I had to google it to see what the heck you two were talking about. :-)

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