Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Mania Monday - Just cut them up like regular chickens

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny Florida day. Tough to appreciate that when mulch was on sale, and buying 50 bags that have to be loaded onto a cart, into the truck, into the wheelbarrow, and then into the flower beds, that's 200 or so lifts. Check out my abs! (No, you don't really want to do that...)

The yard looks much nicer, though, and the roses are in full bloom out front. Still not sure what the deal is with the bush in back, it keeps growing and growing, but it just won't bloom despite fertilizer and encouragement. We lost so many tropical plants with the hard freeze this winter, though. I keep hoping a few more will re-emerge, the yard looks so plain. Another plus, though? Mower started on the first pull, even after sitting for four months.

course, I figured I could finish up the rest of the mulch on Sunday, once I was done with some work projects I've been fighting with during the week. Of course, after all the lifting on Saturday, I could barely move. Plus, it rained most of the day, and nothing says biting insects like rain and wet tree bark.

Today is our daughter Melissa's 21st birthday. Amazing how time flies so quickly by, I remember her and Steph being so tiny, so bright-eyed and innocent mischievous. Now Melissa tells me the beer I drink is nasty and that Bud Light is the be-all and end-all of deliciousness. She's young, she'll learn.
Of course, at least as of when I wrote this, nobody ventured a proper guess last week's quote. What a shame. Netflix, anyone?

On to this week's contest. Once again, kids, let's review the rules. Identify the film being quoted below using only your noggin. Don't Google, don't Bing, don't Yahoo, don't Ask Jeeves. If you're first, you win the peoples' ovation and fame forever, along with the coveted title of Iron Quote Guesser. Voici la quote de la semaine:

The rose goes in the front, big guy.

Allez guessing! If this happened to be on over the weekend, I apologize for making life so simple for you. I picked the quote two weeks ago, as I did with next week's quote as well. Consider it a 'gimmie'.


Samsmama said...

I know this one! I really do! But I don't want to steal the fun. Umm...I'll just say, "BD". That counts, right? Wanna paint my toe nails? Or I'll do yours, either way.

First day of spring? Snowed 8 inches here. I'm over it.

Elliott said...

Smama, you got it! Unless you don't want it, that is. This is one of those quotes that just pops into my head now and again, for no real reason.

Did it at least melt right away?

Bev said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past this:

"Still not sure what the deal is with the bush in back, it keeps growing and growing, but it just won't bloom despite fertilizer and encouragement."

Because I am 12.

dogimo said...

It doesn't seem plausible that you could have a 21 year old kid!!

But congratulations, and happy birthday to her I guess. No, definitely happy birthday!

Just seems impossible to believe.

Daisy said...

Our mower never starts with the first pull, even during the summer. Drives me crazy. First time out in spring, it usually takes quite a few pulls and several stern looks and choice words of encouragement before it will get going. Of course, we generally have closer to six months between when we put it away in October and get it out again in April or May instead of four months like you.

Happy birthday to your daughter! My older son will turn 21 in December this year. Ay-yi-yi! That just doesn't seem right.

Gwen said...

I had no idea you were old enough to have a 21 year-old kid. Wow.

Happy birthday, Melissa!

(Some flowering trees/bushes are finicky about how you prune them. I accidentally stopped my lilac tree from blooming but some quick research told me to how to prune it correctly. It should bloom again this year. We'll see.)

tracey said...

Happy Birthday to Melissa! She can have the Bud Light, which in my opinion tastes how I imagine gopher urine would.

BTW, I linked your blog to my blog. Feel like I should notify your wife living in our post Tiger Woods world.
: )

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Bev, I must be twelve as well, because I had almost the same thought!

Elliott, this quote is familiar, but I can't put a finger on the movie.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

AND HOW can Melissa be 21? NOT possible! NO WAY!

Elliott said...

Bev, Sarah, nothing wrong with being 12. I'm almost self-conscious enough to go back and change what I wrote.

Daisy, I used to pull the spark plug and spray starter fluid into the opening, put the plug back in and voom! First pull. I stopped when I thought the mower might explode.

Gwen, that has something to do with when they bud, I think lilacs are supposed to pre-bud in the fall or some such thing. This rose bush just showed up in the flower bed, I may have to prune it back just to force new growth. I have two dozen yellow roses in front already.

Tracey, that would be weak, near-frozen gopher urine.

And funny you should mention the linking, wait until tomorrow's pre-written post...

Sarah, Melissa was in driver's ed for our wedding, so 21 it is. Despite my thought that the girls should always be 8 and 10.

Nej said...

I thought I knew what movie it was from....and then second guessed myself right to Google. Turns out I was right. Yeah me! :-)

I can't WAIT to make my yard less boring. But I hate to ruin the brown motif we have going on now. Brown trees without leaves, brown grass, brown mud......

Spring can't come soon enough. :-) :-)

Mary said...

Bull Durham!!!!!!!!
Love love love that movie- and if you hit the bull, you win a free steak!

MJenks said...

I realize she's your daughter...but I died a little bit inside when I read about her opinions of Bud Light.'s just the Shrimp 'n Grits talking again...

Elliott said...

Nej, Spring is a glorious time, may Mother Nature shine down upon Nebraska.

Mary, officially, you named it first. Samsmama hinted at it, and we all knew she knew it, but she elected not to 'steal the fun', as she put it. But since she'll be painting my toenails later, we'll see.

Jenks, you and me both. She's young, she'll learn. That's my only hope.

And I'm jealous of the shrimp and grits.

Mary said...

I was so excited that I knew the answer that I never bothered to read the other comments...yeah, I'm self-centered like that.
Thanks samsmama- way to steal my thunder. Oh and taking the high road? That's just playing dirty :(

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