Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Acts of Thursday - Wherein I bare my soul to the movie gods

Some of you may have figured out I'm a bit of a film nerd.  Some of you may recall that I keep a list of the films I've seen, which currently numbers well over 700 (and I keep finding films I forgot about seeing until they cross my path again....)  It suggests that I've seen a new movie every 2.5 weeks since birth.  An impressive waste of good time, and that doesn't count the films I've watched ten times over or more, like most of the James Bond oeuvre, 'Mad Max', any Eastwood western or Dirty Harry film, and 'The 39 Steps'.  It's a wonder I get any sleep at all.

However, this is my list o' shame, films that I want to see, or probably should see, lest I be called out on my total lack of film nerdiness.  I've seen bits and pieces of a few of these, but never start-to-finish.  And that's just sad.  Worse, even if any of these show up on IFC or AMC, I'll be forced to sit through commercials and that's not happening, kids.  Even the ol' DVR can't get me past those breaks in continuity.

Vanishing Point
Be Cool
From Dusk til Dawn
Citizen Kane (it's been saved on the DVR for months)
Natural Born Killers
Blood simple
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
North by Northwest
Rear Window
The African Queen
The Two Jakes
Evil Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Pennies From Heaven
Paper Moon
The Rose

There are probably more, feel free to mock my unworthiness below.  Also, gift subscriptions to NetFlix are quite welcome, feel free to click on the 'donate' button to the right.


Frank Irwin said...

I've seen four or five of those, and If I see 2.5 movies per year, I'm doing well.

Frank Irwin said...


Anonymous said...

I had a really good comment..... but then I lost it when I saw Frank's picture.

Thanks Frank.

Cary said...

I'm with you on the Bond and Dirty Harry movies. I'll watch them anytime.

North by Northwest is my favorite Hitchcock movie, even though it's more an action film than a thriller. I liked Rear Window but always found it overrated. Vertigo and Spellbound are much better, though a lot darker.

Chinatown is awesome. So many memorable scenes in that. Robert Towne's script is a template for great screenwriting.

I liked Citizen Kane but have no interest in seeing it again.

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