Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blast from the Past - Haiku

January's a busy time around here at CDS Enterprises (A wholly-owned division of NFG Worldwide, Ltd.)  As such, I don't have the time to rant anew - at least not in print.  Being as we are four months from my cresting (and subsequently being 'over') the hill, it seems only appropriate that I share with you some crotchety posts from the past.

This dates from early 2006, when GERD was the word...

Indigestive Haiku


i lie here awake
now my stomach tortures me
churning endlessly


i can barely breathe
the acid climbs and won't cease
all i feel is pain


why did i eat that
when I know it brings me pain
anger makes it worse


now my brain joins in
overload of stressful thoughts
my goals never met


restless endless nights
sleeplessness my constant foe
i think im going mad


pain just grows and grows
im taking purple pills now
they dont seem to help


Daisy said...

Loved the haiku!! Not a fan of the indigestion. I hope it was just a temporary condition.

KLo said...

Haikus! Do you mind if I use them as samples for my eighth graders ;)?

Heehee, seriously, though, I kind of blogged about the same thing today ... must be something in the air ;)

Pickleope said...

Enjoyed the haikus
Pathos and self questioning
With a dash of salt.

Sorry, had a hard time thinking of a last line. Haikus aren't as easy as you make them look. Here let us try again:

Your haikus are great.
Our brain is still choking down
disturbing insight.

Kari said...

I love me a good haiku. These remind me of the book A Confederacy of Dunces. The main character Ignatius Reilly always had problems with his valve. For some reason the term valve cracks me up.

I dig your quote. I was singing Mr. Roboto at the top of my lungs just the other day.

This concludes my borderline incoherent rambling comment. Thank you and have a good day.

Elliott said...

Kari...I love a good rambling comment. And you said borderline. He he!

Picklope - Thanks for the comment!
Your haiku chops are wicked.
Glad you could stop by.

KLo - I tend to think it's something in the stomach...but yes, you may use them as examples. I'm always a fan of education.

Daisy - It's a perpetual condition, but it's finally well controlled. 2006 was a good year for acid erosion.

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